Vase for fruits Bohemia Crystal from

Every home and kitchen has tins or drawers filled with fruit. But there is nothing better than storing fruit in special vases for fruits, and special attention should be paid to the fruit bowl from Bohemia Crystal, you can read in more detail its description and photo by following the link
Online store you can buy exclusive crystal vase under fruit of different decor and size. In the presence of: gold and molded smalt, with a classic Czech cut, from a patch of colored crystal, different diameters from 26 cm to a large 41 cm! Prices depend on the diagonal, the complexity of the work and decor.

The fruit bowl not only serves as a place for storing fruit, but also acts as an element of decor in any kitchen or living room. A properly selected vase filled with juicy and fresh fruit creates an atmosphere of home comfort and hospitality, as well as adds color to your interior.
Fruit is an irreplaceable part of any person’s diet. Therefore, do not worry that Bohemia Crystal vases will be useless and start gathering dust on your tables. As you will see, you will regularly fill it, because as long as the fruits are outside our review, they will not be eaten. It’s another matter if you place a vase in plain sight, then every time you pass it you will want to take some fruit with you and eat it.
Daily consumption of fruits has a positive effect on the body, because it saturates it with various vitamins and amino acids that strengthen the immune system. Therefore, disease resistance increases significantly. Thus, purchasing a Bohemia Crystal vase is the right decision, which will bring you not only aesthetic pleasure, but also health benefits for your family.
Also, the vase will be useful for those who are fond of painting. After all, you can work out the skills of creating a still life. And in this case, you will amaze your guests not only with a beautiful bowl of fruit, but also with an element of painting created by your hands — a still life. A beautifully executed painting will be a great addition to your living room or kitchen.

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